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  • Signs That You Need a Root Canal
    If you are experiencing tooth pain, you may be wondering if you may need a root canal. If you are seeking a dental professional for a possible root canal in Read more
  • Don't Ignore These Signs Of Periodontal Disease
    If you’ve ever brushed or flossed your teeth and experienced bleeding or pain, it may be a sign of something more serious. It’s important that you’re aware of the common Read more
  • When Does A Tooth Need To Be Extracted?
    Dr. Lynette Smith and Dr. Bennett Smith of Blue Ridge Dental perform tooth extractions in Mount Airy, NC, for patients with damaged teeth. Sometimes it's best for the health of Read more
  • How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Help Improve Your Smile
    At Blue Ridge Dental in Mount Airy, NC, Dr. Lynette Smith and Dr. Bennett Smith offer various cosmetic services to keep smiles beautiful. Your smile is one of the first Read more
  • Signs You May Need a Root Canal
    Dr. Lynette Smith and Dr. G. Bennett Smith at Blue Ridge Dental perform root canals for patients in Mount Airy, NC. If you're having tooth pain, come see your dentist Read more
  • All About Our Dental Services
    All your oral health needs are cared for at one comfortable, convenient location. Does this sound too good to be true? It's not if your dentists are Dr. Lynette Smith Read more
  • Periodontal Treatment Options
    Your mild gum disease (gingivitis) may lead to aggressive periodontitis, tooth loss and serious health problems. At Blue Ridge Dental in Mount Airy, NC, Dr. G. Bennett Smith and Dr. Read more
  • Cosmetic Dentistry Services and Treatments We Offer
    We've all heard the phrase, "putting your best foot forward." But, shouldn't your smile be your very best as well? At Blue Ridge Dental in Mount Airy, NC. cosmetic dentistry Read more
  • Developing a Good Oral Care Routine
    Are you aware that you are hosting an entire community of bacteria right there in your mouth? These bacteria feed on the bits and pieces of food that are left Read more
  • The Importance of Periodontal Health
    Remember: the health of your gums is just as important as the health of your teeth. What are you doing to ensure that you have healthy gums? If you aren’t Read more
  • Rejuvenate Your Smile With Professional Teeth Whitening
    A white smile is a healthy smile, but it's not always achievable on your own. Stubborn discolorations develop daily from dark beverages like coffee, wine, and tea. They can also Read more
  • Rebuild Your Smile with Dental Implants
    Are you struggling with tooth loss? If you have missing teeth from periodontitis or acquiring damage from trauma or injury, visit your dentists here at Blue Ridge Dental in Mount Read more
  • The Importance of Professional Teeth Cleanings
    Do you really need to visit the dentist twice a year? For most people, keeping a healthy mouth is as simple as brushing twice a day, flossing once daily, and visiting Read more
  • Signs That You May Have Oral Cancer
    Every year, close to 53,000 Americans are diagnosed with oral or oropharyngeal cancer. Killing roughly one person per hour and 24 people a day, this form of cancer can be Read more
  • Signs That You May Have Periodontal Disease
    Wondering if those puffy gums could actually mean that you have gum disease? While gum disease can wreak serious havoc on our oral health, it’s often hard to detect during Read more
  • Root Canals Can Save Teeth
    Discover the purpose behind root canal treatments and why they are necessary. Have our Mount Airy, NC, dentists Drs. Lynette and Bennett Smith told you that you need root canal Read more