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By Blue Ridge Dental
November 25, 2020
Category: Dental Procedures

Your mild gum disease (gingivitis) may lead to aggressive periodontitis, tooth loss and serious health problems. At Blue Ridge Dental in Mount Airy, NC, Dr. G. Bennett Smith and Dr. Lynette Smith provide periodontal treatments that really work. They can help you regain full oral health.

The symptoms of gum disease

Bleeding gums is the primary indicator, says the American Academy of Periodontology (AAP). More quickly than you think, this mild sign of gingivitis progresses to:

  • Puffy, tender, red gum tissue
  • Receding gums
  • Dental sensitivity (pain when biting down or consuming hot or cold foods)
  • A long tooth appearance due to uncovered tooth roots
  • Loose, gapped teeth
  • A changed dental bite
  • Sores on the gums and pus between teeth
  • Bad breath which is consistently strong and unresponsive to mouth rinses or tooth brushing

Also, your dentist at Blue Ridge Dental observes gum disease during a routine exam, measuring gum pockets with a tiny probe. Pockets, or sulci, are diagnostic for periodontitis when they are deeper than three millimeters.

Periodontal treatments at our Mount Airy office

Recommendations to resolve gum problems vary according to patient need. Thankfully, they can achieve good results when you adhere to a maintenance plan at Blue Ridge Dental.

1. Deep cleaning and root planing removes extensive deposits of plaque and tartar between teeth and well below the gum line.

2. Antimicrobial medications speed healing and help gums re-attach to root surfaces.

3. Adjustment of your dental bite with a mouth guard, crowns or a periodontal splint. Typically, splints are thin strips of metal bonded to the backside of selected teeth to stabilize and support them.

4. Oral hygiene at home must include daily flossing and twice a day tooth brushing with a soft brush. Your dentist may advise an anti-plaque mouth rinse, too.

5. Stop tobacco usage.

6. Drink water to increase your saliva production and keep tooth surfaces and soft tissues clean and hydrated.

7. Begin a healthier diet to include fresh vegetables and fruit and high-fiber cereals and breads.

When patients suffer tooth loss due to periodontitis, our dentists evaluate them for dental implant placement. Grafting may precede implant procedures if tests show sufficient bone in the jaw to support dental implants.

Learn more about gum disease

You can get ahead of gum problems when you recognize and treat them. At Blue Ridge Dental in Mount Airy, NC, our periodontal treatments work. Dr. G. Bennett Smith and Dr. Lynette Smith want all their patients to enjoy vibrant oral health. Call us today for a consultation: (336) 789-5306.

We've all heard the phrase, "putting your best foot forward." But, shouldn't your smile be your very best as well? At Blue Ridge Dental in Mount Airy, NC. cosmetic dentistry services improve the appearance of teeth and gums. Versatile and creative, the treatments provided by Dr. G. Bennett Smith and Dr. Lynette Smith make smile dreams come true, whether you want just a little change or a full smile makeover.

What your dentist considers

During a cosmetic dentistry consultation at Blue Ridge Dental in Mount Airy, Dr. Smith will consider many factors that influence your smile appearance. The first is your overall oral health. Any problems revealed during the exam and X-ray imaging must be addressed first.

Those being corrected, you and your dentist can look at how your smile may change so you look and feel your best. Think about these elements:

  • How much gum tissue shows when you smile?
  • What shape are your teeth, and do you like the shape?
  • Are you incisors too pointed? Do you have crowded, gapped, tipped or crooked teeth?
  • Are some teeth chipped, discolored or even missing?

Dr. Smith will give you input, too, suggesting treatments to correct your perceived and creating a natural look appropriate for your face, age, gender, smile longevity and oral health. These considerations are what the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) calls responsible aesthetics.

Our offered treatments

Your care plan may contain one, some or maybe several of the following services--all performed at our office in Mount Airy. They include:

  • Composite resin bonding which repairs a variety of small defects with a durable putty which is shaped and cured to a natural and long-lasting finish.
  • Professional teeth whitening, available as a take-home or in-office service which brightens stained enamel by as many as eight shades without any painful gingival or dental sensitivity.
  • Dental implants, the premier tooth replacements which fill smile gaps from roots to crown and improve jaw bone and gum tissue quality and quantity.
  • Porcelain crowns, realistic jackets of high-grade ceramic, custom-designed to protect and beautify a failing or misshapen tooth.
  • Porcelain veneers, super-thin laminates which camouflage defects such as mild crowding, pits, cracks, dark stains and more.
  • Inlays and onlays, or partial crowns, to treat decay or replace large fillings with bonded on porcelain to strengthen the chewing surfaces of large back teeth.
  • Contouring removes minuscule amounts of tooth enamel to smooth rough edges, even tooth shape and create a polished, but natural, smile appearance.


Put that best smile forward with the help of Dr. G. Bennett Smith and Dr. Lynette Smith at Blue Ridge Dental in Mount Airy, NC. Their cosmetic dentistry services transform smiles and personal confidence. Call us for your in-office consultation: (336) 789-5306.