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By Blue Ridge Dental
May 13, 2020
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Are you aware that you are hosting an entire community of bacteria right there in your mouth? These bacteria feed on the bits and pieces of food that are left behind between your teeth after you eat, and are responsible for tooth decay and other dental problems.

Besides scheduled checkups and cleanings with one of the dentists here at Blue Ridge Dental in Mount Airy, NC, Dr. Bennett Smith or Dr. Lynette Smith, here are the vital things you can do at home to protect your teeth and oral health.

What a Proper Oral Hygiene at Home Looks Like

A huge part of your oral hygiene routine occurs in your home. There, you are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of your mouth that your dentist initiated. Here’s what you need to do:

Brush Twice, Floss Once

Brushing is not just putting the toothbrush in your mouth and moving it around—there is a proper way of brushing to keep tooth decay and gum disease at bay. The toothbrush should be slanted about 45 degrees against your gums. You should likewise use short and gentle strokes to clean all of your tooth surfaces, including the chewing surfaces.

The tip of your toothbrush can be used for the inner surfaces of the front teeth with an up-and-down motion. Brush the tongue as well for fresher breath and bacteria removal. Additionally, flossing should be performed in a gentle gliding motion between your teeth. Curve it into a C shape upon reaching the gum line. Clean the sides of the tooth as well with a gentle up-and-down motion and always move the floss gently conforming to the shape of your tooth.

Watch Your Diet

We may not be aware of it, but most of the food we eat results in acid-producing bacteria that could harm our teeth. Sugar and starches are on the top of the list. These are responsible for dental plaque that could irritate the gums and lead to tooth loss.

Dental Appointments

The American Dental Association recommends appointments with at our Mount Airy office at least every six months. This, of course, is dependent on how healthy your teeth and gums are. If you have problems like gum disease, dental appointments should be more frequent.

For More Oral Health Advice, Call Us

Set up an appointment with one of the dentists here at Blue Ridge Dental in Mount Airy, NC, Dr. Bennett Smith or Dr. Lynette Smith, by dialing (336) 789-5306.