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By Blue Ridge Dental
November 16, 2016
Category: Oral Health
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Some people think, “Yikes!” when they hear the words root canal. However, getting a root canal doesn’t have to be scary. In fact, root root canalscanals provide many benefits, not the least of which is preserving your natural teeth so that your dentist doesn’t have to pull them out due to decay. At Blue Ridge Dental, Dr. G. Bennett Smith and Dr. Lynette Smith, your Mount Airy, NC root canal specialists, will examine your problem teeth and determine if they can be saved by performing a root canal.

What is a Root Canal?

The interior of healthy teeth contains a soft tissue material known as pulp. The pulp extends from the center of the tooth down into the root. When a tooth begins to decay, the pulp can get infected. If left untreated, infected pulp can result in the development of an abscess below a tooth’s root. There are two main options for treating severe tooth decay in which the pulp has become infected: The tooth can be pulled out or a root canal can be performed. Root canals are the best option for patients who want to keep their natural teeth.

The root canal procedure is very similar to that of filling cavities. Just as the decayed portion of the tooth is removed, cleaned and filled when there is a cavity, with a root canal the infected pulp is also removed, cleaned and filled in. This process helps prevent further decay so that the tooth can be preserved. Once the area has been filled in and sealed, a dental crown can be placed on top of the entire tooth to protect against additional decay in the future. Your Mount Airy, NC, root canal dentist will tell you if a crown is recommended in your situation.


Root canals provide several important benefits. They preserve decaying teeth so that they do not need to be removed and they restore normal tooth function. Furthermore, they protect the other teeth that surround the decaying one. Patients tend to avoid biting or chewing with the affected tooth, especially if they are experiencing pain or sensitivity. When a tooth is not being used, the other teeth around it have to do more work. This can lead to overuse and puts additional strain on those teeth. A root canal makes it possible to use the problem tooth again.

Root canals might seem scary and leave you wanting to scream, “Yikes!” However, the procedure isn’t scary at all and is very similar to having a cavity filled. Additionally, a root canal allows you to keep a previously decaying tooth rather than having it removed. To schedule a root canal in Mount Airy, NC, contact Blue Ridge Dental by calling (336) 789-5306.